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Cier's Learning Box was created for him to learn in the COVID-19 pandemic. It became so essential to him that we decided to expand the box for kids worldwide. The pandemic has caused a massive setback on children learning until this day. Cier's Learning Box will help your child learn again while in school or out of school due to uncontrolled world circumstances. The box was created to teach Cier and your child about everyday learning aspects as they grow. Our box has a lot of different teaching methods like a total physical response, overlapping spiral circulation, stimulus-response circumstances, left and right brain development, and more. We hope that Cier's Learning Box helps your child learn every day and allows them to Enjoy the fundamental skills of the box.

What Is In The Learning Box?

Cier's Learning Box is a situational English learning essential box for kids. It includes the most advanced English teaching methods.

  • It is suitable for children of the ages of 1-8

  • This box comes with an Interactive Pen that will guide your child to understand the topics in each unit of the books.

  • The box has 12 books with topics involving fruits, vegetables, animals, family, festivals, countries, politeness, formulas, and more.

  • Our box has reviewing of words, letters, stories, games, sentences, and songs in different units of the books.

  • It balances the development of your child's left and right brain methods.

  • Our essential box is designed to teach your child about everyday learning aspects as your child grows.

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